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Monday, August 01, 2005

Sore all over

Went out for the first trailblazer training run yesterday, about 34km from Pinky flat to Morialta bottom gate. The run took over 3:30 but it was a good run and it kept me on my feet for a time well over what I want to run the Marathon in, so that is a good sign. The weather was beautiful and the track was quite good given all the rain we've had. Later in the day some friends came over and we went out to the driving range. I don't play golf, but I can hit the ball OK from my hockey background. However, I haven't played hockey for almost two years now, and I have lost a lot of that hitting strength. Consequently, I am very sore in the oblique abdominal muscles, my shoulders and my forearms. My legs are pretty sore and heavy from the run too. No run today, but I'll have to get a recovery run in tomorrow. I haven't caught the flu from my daughter either (edit: I don't think she had the flu anyway)! Woot yay!

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