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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Amazing recovery

My legs feel so much better today. I can't believe that I could hardly walk on Monday. I feel like I could break in to a run now. The bruising under my left foot has all but gone too. I still have a bit of a cold hanging around so the rest this week should help to clear that up.

The traffic on my blog has gone up considerably in the last three days, thanks I think in part to George at SARRC who mentioned the blog in the news and notes section (incidentally, this is a great place to catch up on news and gossip about running and walking in SA and beyond). Thanks everyone for your interest and please feel free to leave comments.


speedygeoff said...

Hi rundave - I am likely to be in Adelaide on and off in the next few weeks - probably staying at Elizabeth when I'm there, maybe at Blackwood too - exact days uncertain. I have entered a few "Australian Masters" races in October in case I'm there then - and I would like some lead up races anytime midweek or on weekends. Any suggestions? I expect to arrive initially on Sunday 4th September.

A Girl Running said...

RunDave, was the mention on the SARRC website or in the footnotes newsletter post out?

RunDave said...

In the news and notes section.