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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Never playing golf again!

Or not until the next time someone asks me to come along and have a bash. After Sunday my legs have recovered from the 34km run, but my back and shoulders still haven't recovered from hitting 70-odd golf balls at the driving range. Doesn't affect the running though, which is going well. If I don't get a blog in before then, I plan to do a 35-36 km long run around the Normanville area on Sunday morning. This will be my longest run before the Marathon on the 28th.

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A Girl Running said...

LOL I had sore tummy muscles for days after my last driving range visit. I am starting to love golf, but never as much as running.

Good luck with your long run, what a gorgeous place to be doing it too.

Looking forward to hearing how you go in the Marathon