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Friday, August 12, 2005

Sore legs

Legs were really sore on the run home last night and had a little soreness through the ITB. Probably a combination of older shoes and the higher mileage over the last month. I think I'll retire a couple of pairs of runners now, I was trying to milk a few extra kms out of them. I had a run planned for today but I will give it a miss so that the legs recover for the weekend long run and so that I don't overdo it for the marathon. This weekend I will be doing CP1 to CP3 of the trailblazer = 27km with some big hills. After that, some serious taper for the marathon.

I epilated the legs the other night (ouch) to make massage easier and less hair pulling (and to get the legs looking good for the marathon : ). Seems timely now seeing that the soreness from extra km is really starting to show.

Also, can anyone tell me how I can insert some text into any of the coloured boxes at the top of this page. I'd like to put a description of the blog up there like I've seen on other blogs.


A Girl Running said...

Dave I can see you have put your mileage in the guessing someone helped you out with that that what you meant? LOL you have covered more distance this year than I have since I started running and you were sick for two months!!

It looks like you have changed your blog description up the top too.

I can't believe you use an epilator - I am too scared to use one! I have read in the ausrun forums that a few guys keep there legs smooth - is it for the massage purpose?

Hope you have a great running weekend

A Girl Running said...

ps: love the weather thingie at the bottom of your blog!