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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Easing up / Race plan?

Went for an 18km run this morning with SARRC. I was 5 or so minutes late so I went out at a solid pace to try and pick up with everyone else. Caught up with them about half way and then ran back at a good pace with Mandy. Everything felt really good, so I left it at that rather than doing the extra 5km that I had intended, I don't want to overdo things a week out from the Marathon.

I feel like if I can get through this week smoothly, then I will be able to have a crack at 3:05 or faster. I'm not sure about my race plan yet. Should I go out hard and see what I've got left at the end? or should I go out at a steady pace and then try to get an even split or negative split? All my running so far has been to go hard and then see if I can limp home not too slowly. I'm not very good at monitoring pace, so even if I do try to go out slower, I might not get it right anyway. I wouldn't mind anyones thoughts on this.

LL, I don't mind running in the current weather, I find the rain and cold exhilarating. The treadmill is so that my wife can run without having to get someone (me) to mind the kids. I may use it next week as a recovery from the marathon though.

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