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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New stuff = no money

Ran into work yesterday. Legs were sore to start out with, then loosened up towards the end. I'll run home tonight to get the rest of the soreness out then do a faster run home tomorrow night.

After buying a treadmill on Saturday, we have very little money at the moment. We'll have to be very thrifty for the next couple of months. We have a few things we need to sell on ebay or the trading post which may help a little.

Thankfully I bought a new pair of my favourite runners on Sunday (Mizuno wave mustangs). They were on special at the athletes foot. I ran in them yesterday and they were just as good as usual. Hopefully I'll have them broken in in time for the marathon.


A Girl Running said...

Oh how exciting - what kind of treadmill did you get? Did you see the weird sprinting invention on Rove last night?

Ebay has been my saviour many a time.

RYN: will hopefully find time to read the running mag this weekend and let you seems very much like our Runners World though

RunDave said...

It's a York something or other. It's a pretty good model too. Not really so much for me but more for RunCarly so she can exercise with the kids at home. The invention on Rove is a weird one. I think it is specifically for recovery from injury. I'm not sure how long you could go without getting bored and you wouldn't be able to monitor speed and distance.

pepster said...

Thanks for the tip Dave. I have started to do this and is already feeling better.
Tready will be handy for those times you just can't get out. Have a good weekend.

Luckylegs said...

Treadmill handy in this sort of weather, Dave; money is like's meant to be spread around!