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Monday, August 08, 2005


Don't you just hate those Monday mornings when nothing seems to go right. Woke up an hour late (at least) this morning, rushed to get the kids ready for childcare, battled all the other late risers to get the kids to childcare and wife to work, only to get a phone call from RunCarly 30 seconds after dropping her off saying that we have to go back and pick up the kids because they have "school sores" which are highly infectious. Finally got to work and now have to finish off an urgent report. Didn't have breakfast this morning but did have one of my favourite snacks when I finally got to work: a Nana Divers Oven baked Yoghurt and Apricot Mini Meal.

Enough about Monday. Yesterday I had a huge workout on my long run. Ran 35km over hill and dale around the Normanville-Myponga region. Let me just say that the run down to and back up from Myponga Beach would have to be one of the hardest runs around. 20 odd minutes down, 35 odd minutes back up and that was in the early part of my run. Back up the top of the hill it started pissing down and I got soaked through. Finished off the run well, struggled towards the end a bit, but got an excellent 3:05 workout with some huge hills included. This makes me feel much more confident about doing the marathon in a good time. Not too sore today either.

Update: RunCarly just called from home, our son just chucked up everywhere.


go girl said...

Dave, I have those days every day... Well not quiet but almost..
Yep, gotta love the kids chuckin' up on ya, just great hey! But the truth is we wouldn't havee it any other way..

A Girl Running said...

Hope you little ones feel better soon RunDave.

Is that apricot thingie like a big square muesli bar?