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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stay Calm!

Started to develop a sore throat on Monday afternoon, which led to a sore throat all yesterday. I took affirmative action having early nights last night and Monday night, and taking lots of vitamins, fruit and water. The throat feels much better this morning but I am a bit congested now. I will keep being very cautious with sleep, nutrition and NO RUNNING! Fingers crossed I'll be alright for Sunday. I'm pretty confident I will be.


go girl said...

Take it easy Dave, rest up and relax! Good luck for Sunday's race!

A Girl Running said...

I hope you will be - I am really looking forward to hearing how you go on sunday

rest up

Phil said...

Stay calm is right. Relax, you will do great things, I am sure. The body will be itching to run on Sunday with all that rest! Keep well, see you out there.