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Monday, August 15, 2005

Well done Mottram

Didn't stay up for the race last night, but woke up this morning keen to hear how the race went. Very glad to hear that Craig Mottram got a bronze medal in the 5000m at the World Champs. What a great effort. Hopefully the significance of this result is recognised by the Australian media and public. He didn't win, but he has shown that he is one of the world's best runners.

I didn't run on Friday or Saturday due to some knee soreness. I did my long run with Phil on Sunday from CP1 to CP3 of the trailblazer - 27km. This section involves four very big climbs and three ascents with no flat stuff to speak of. It was a tough workout and took just over 3:15. Legs didn't get too hammered though and they feel really good today. I'll be tapering fairly heavily now for the marathon, which I'm feeling really good about.

I have established a new blog for my Trailblazer team to log and discuss training, tactics, fundraising and any other issues. Check it out if you're interested.

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go girl said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the comments post C2S. Sounds like some solid training going on there.
Will have a look at the trailblazer blog too, sounds reallly interesting.