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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Long (sort of) run

Went for a long run this morning: 20k. This was really tough, the heart rate was up, I was running pretty slowly and the legs started to get sore towards the end. I nearly hit the wall too because I didn't take any gel or powerade. I can see that getting up for the Adelaide marathon is going to be hard work.

A girl running/ almost running/ sitting on her bum,

30-35km is a long training run for me and it is what I would have liked to be running right now in the build up to the Marathon. I have eight weeks until the Adelaide Marathon and I'll want to ease back on distance on the last week or two, so I have 6 weeks to increase my long run to 35km which I feel will leave me in reasonable shape to run a marathon. Next week I will hopefully run 25km, then the week after is the River Run which is 30km. That sort of increase is a bit fast but I'd really like to go in it. After that I reckon the long runs will go like this: 32, 34, 35, 30, 20-25, Marathon. Hopefully I'll be able to build up my runs during the week as well.

I'm also hoping to run in the 100km trailblazer challenge with a team in October, so I need to get some miles in me for that too.


A Girl Running said...

Wow! Hope your recovering okay.

What a fantastic run, I can't wait until I can run a distance like that.

A Girl Running said...

I only just noticed the "sort of" bit in the title.....what exactly constitutes a long run to you?

Wobbly man said...

Not sure why a 20km run is only sort of long... Good luck with the longer ones to come!

A Girl Running said...

Thanks for that - wow 35km is incredible It will be great to see a new updated marathon photo too

I was hoping to participate in that this year (the trailblazer) with some guys from Mat's work but it didn't eventuate. I think you can do a 50k in pairs though...I should do a google search