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Friday, September 09, 2005

Busy Week/ Trailblazer help

This week has been very busy, so I'll be brief.

Ran into uni 10km on Wednesday. Legs still felt a bit heavy so I took it easy.

Ran home 10km on Thursday night. This was the first time my legs felt good since the marathon. No soreness, no fatigue and no sore foot.

Ran into uni this morning then ran over to do two laps of the uni loop, so a total of 15 km. Everything felt good again so I guess I must have recovered from the marathon. Good thing too, because we are doing a 40km training run for trailblazer on Sunday morning.

Some news about the trailblazer. We officially now only have three team members and we need four. If anyone from Adelaide (or elsewhere) knows someone who would like to run in this 100km event, send me an email.

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