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Sunday, September 18, 2005


I've had a cough for the last five days. After my long run last week I felt great. On Monday I still felt great then on Tuesday I started to feel like something was coming on. Since then I've had an awful chestcold with a nasty cough. It has loosened up a bit today and I feel like I'm on the mend. The upshot of this is that I will have to miss at least another few days of training.

In better news, we may have found a replacement member for the Power of Four, although she still needs to go for a run with Phil to see if she is compatible with our team. Assuming Andy's knee gets better, we should be on our way to running in the trailblazer event.


go girl said...

I hope the Lurgy isn't too serious and you recover soon. Mine keeps on hanging around, it's really annoying. Get well soon!

Phil said...

Hope the bug goes soon. Bad news about Krisitin though, she has withdrawn, so we are back to 3 for Trailblazer.
Keep Well