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Friday, September 30, 2005

I see a scary pattern forming.

Have a look at the monthly kilometres table to the right. See a pattern? I don't know how to avoid this horrible cycle of two months solid training then one month dominated by two-three weeks of illness. I've been very careful this year not to increase training too quickly and to have rest weeks following big events. My nutrition has been good and I've been working on my sleep patterns. Stress levels have been high though due to PhD and land division issues, but there isn't much I can do about those things. The pattern is starting to look very strong. Just to back it up further, I was sick in December and September last year too and had pretty good running through October and November. Anyone got any ideas (besides not running)?

PS. Yay, 50 posts.


go girl said...

Dave, You can do all of that and you will still get it.(The dreaded lurgy that is) Unfortunately I tend to get mine from the kids. Can't avoid them! Little bug ridden treasures they are! But we love them anyway...
Take it easy!

CJ said...

There is certainly a pattern there but I don't know what you can do to avoid it as you seem to be doing the right things.

As for your comment about preferring coffee to the gym (yes!) but running rather than coffee - I have to admit I don't think I've given up a run for a coffee - I save the coffee for after the run!

RunDave said...

I wouldn't give up a run for coffee, but I often have a coffee before a run or get a takeaway during the run.

I don't know whether the trend is cyclic in nature or just a coincidence. I'm hoping it's the latter. Although, if there is a cycle involved, it would suggest there is a factor that I could eventually identify.

I almost always get my lurgies from the kids. Maybe next time they get one, I can go and hide at work for a couple of weeks!