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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Coffee addicts, read on.

I was reading CJ's blog earlier and the picture on it reminded me of this picture. It also prompted me to write a blog about one of my other great loves: coffee.

I love coffee. I drink truckloads of it. I have a loyalty card for every coffee franchise in existence. I only drink "good" coffee. We have a percolator in our office at uni with all the supplies we need to keep us caffeinated for at least a week. I won't drink 'Bland 43' or 'Intestinal Roast' or any other forms of 'instant death' unless I get really desperate and I'm a long way from a source of good coffee. My regular morning coffee is from Bravo Expresso underneath David Jones in Adelaide. Earlier this year I stupidly tried to reduce the amount of coffee I drink. This resulted in headaches and a severe sense of longing for my good friend coffee. I think I lasted two weeks. Enough ranting about coffee, back to work.

PS. Still sick, but I'm recovering now thanks to a day off work and a trip to the doctor for some antibiotics.

PPS. Sorry about the rude language.

Mmmm, beans...


go girl said...

What an absolute crack up! I had always wondered where that saying came from. One of my old bosses used to say that all the time.

I love coffee too. I have manged to get down to one cup a day.

I'm hearing you Dave and I can sympathise with how you are feeling, like crap!!! Anyway lets hope the antibiotics kick in real soon.

CJ said...

Another coffee lover! I love my coffee, especially cappuccinos when I go out. And I am very particular about my coffee when I'm out and will not go back to a place that makes crap coffee.

A Girl Running said...

I love that coffee slogan - very funny.

I'm a coffee lover - love a good short black but my latest love is Chai Latte brewed tea.

I have managed to cut down to 4 cups a day

monnychick said...

OMG!!! You are a man after my own heart...I would rather dehydrate and die than drink instant coffee...I too have wads of loyalty cards in my wallet and am often laughed at when i try and get the right one out. It only took me half a day to be on a first name basis with the barista at work, our hospital has surprisingly good coffee...and my work colleagues enjoy the rewards of this!!
When I left my last postition they all complained about the drop in the standard of is definately MY addiction!

Carolyne said...

Never apologise about coffee! I think that it is an essential nutrient!

I understand the run/sick syndrome oh-too-well, if you find an answer please share!

Take care of that throat!