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Monday, September 05, 2005

SARRC "Time Trial"

Ran in the SARRC 10km Time Trial yesterday. Legs were still sore, but this wasn't going to affect my performance in this event. The aim of this time trial was not to run as fast as you can, but to judge your pace accurately. The clock was set at 730am with two hours counting down. You start the run at the time that you think it will take you to run 10km and try to get to the finish right on 0:00, and you're not allowed to take a watch or "any other time keeping device" (whatever that could be?). Given the sorry state of my legs, I thought I'd take 50mins, although when the time came, I needed to go to the toilet so I ended up starting at 48 minutes instead. I found it pretty hard going most of the way - I must have really wiped out my legs last weekend. Ended up coming in with 17 seconds to spare. The winner came in 7 seconds under. Almost everyone came in under time they estimated and most finished around 2 minutes either side of 0:00. Free breakfast afterwards went down well. This was a fun event and quite useful to get the soreness out of the legs with no pressure to run fast.

Foot is still a bit sore. I've narrowed it down to a muscle on the outer side of the foot below the ankle bone. If anyone has any idea what this muscle is called or has had a similar injury, your comments would be appreciated.


go girl said...

Hope the foot gets better soon Dave!

A Girl Running said...

If you have a habit of rolling your ankles, or if your ankles are weak it could be something to do with your Peroneal Tendons as they are situated in that area....not sure if that helps you much but symptoms include pain behind the bony bit on the outside of the ankle and swelling or bruising.

The time trials sound like lots of fun

Wobbly man said...

Sounds like fun way to race - thanks for descibing it. I hope your foot gets better soon.

Ingrid said...

Just looked up my anatomy text and it looks like the "Lateral Malleolus" from your description.
I think that time trial idea would be a great way to get to know what certain paces feel like, must try it!