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Monday, December 19, 2005

Not quite a long run, but a long post

I was going to do an hour and a half run around my area for my long run yesterdaymorning, but I decided to drive over to the bottom of Brownhill Creek and run up into Belair CP via the Yurrebilla trail and back down the trail that comes down between Old Belair Rd and Belair Rd. Felt really good during the run although I got off the Yurrebilla trail a bit and ended up running through the park on a different trail. Got back to the car in 1:12, a little less than I'd hoped but I decided to go home after that to get ready for the Christmas shopping onslaught. We got most of the shopping done and then had RunCarly's work Christmas dinner where I proceeded to eat way too much and drank a bit too much as well (feeling less than 100% today).

Last week I got in four solid10km runs to or from uni, although I did find myself getting very angry during those runs thinking about the events unfolding in Sydney. I don't enjoy running when I'm upset or angry. I was finding myself running past people or cars thinking "that guy could be a racist" or "I hope that person doesn't think I'm a racist". Stupid irrational second guessing I know, and very emotionally exhausting. I'm dealing with it a bit better now, especially thanks to the comments from various people on my blog and on Coolrunning, and also the public show of condemnation given by a few celebrities and members of the public on the weekend. I still think our political "leaders" have their heads in the sand over this issue though, and the media in general still seems to be pushing the story in a sensationalist fashion. I hope this issue isn't forgotten though. It would be really sad if we didn't address the underlying problems of racism, violence and intolerance in our society.

This is turning into a long post. I've put some new goals in my profile. Some of them lofty, most of them recycled or altered from last year, all of them achievable. In the short term, I am aiming to go in several shorter races over the next two months, starting with the Two Jetties fun run on the 27th of December. If you live in SA or are visiting that week, I hope I'll see you out there.

If I don't blog between now and Christmas, have a safe and peaceful time and don't eat too many fruit mince pies!


Tesso said...

Dave, I'm keen to see those goals of yours but not sure where to look in your profile???

One things for sure, I won't be indulging in too many fruit mince pies ... only cos I don't like dried fruit. I do plan, however, to indulge in way too much of all other bad Chrissy things :-)

A Girl Running said...

oh love the new colours!

I am glad you feel less angry about the issues from your last post but also understand your feeling so strongly about it, It makes me feel more sad than angry.

I love your new goals...have a brilliant xmas and looking forward to reading more in 2006

A Girl Running said...

ps: just checking out your links - love the animated music clip, great song too

Michael said...


Just thought I'd let you and your running mates know that the whole Yurrebilla trail is now mapped on openstreetmap thanks to a little project between my son and I:

We hiked it, I like to keep my knees for skiing :)