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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Two Jetties

Woke up to a rather warm day with a screaming northerly yesterday morning (30C at 9am and 35km/h). Ran slowly down to Glenelg to register for the Two Jetties race and then waited the hour or so until it started. The run goes south on the beach from Glenelg Jetty to the Brighton Jetty and back for a total of about 8.4km. Went out hard on the way out (around 16 min) and then found it quite difficult coming back into the hot northerly finishing in 13th or 14th place with a time of 35:38. Was racing against a guy in the last 500m but about 200m out my necklace suddenly came off and I had to stop and pick it and the ring that was attached up (sentimental reasons). It was a shame because we were shaping up for a good sprint finish. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the result considering the conditions. I think I have reasonable fitness now to build on for some better performances early next year. RunCarly met with me at the finish with the kids and Addi and we went and got Boost juices then walked home.


go girl said...

Nice effort Dave. Shame about the necklace not holding it together till the end.

Nice new look Blog too. I noticed you have stuck with the coffee theme.

Have a happy new year!

go girl said...

Hey Dave, No luck on the shoes yet. But I'm going to the after Christmas sales so I might get lucky!!!

A Girl Running said...

Still sounds like a good run, and better that you didn't lose the necklace/ring Run Dave.

RYN: I thought it looked like you had those holes in your ears on your flikr pics. How do they do it? I have always wondered, do they slowly expand them over time.....I am cringing as I ask - I'm a bit of a sook.

They look great though