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Monday, December 12, 2005

Stupid day to run

Ran 16km yesterday as my "long" run. Ran 6km first with the dog and then picked up my bag and ran into uni. It was hot in Adelaide yesterday By the time I got into the city it was around 34 degrees and I was feeling pretty ill despite drinking heaps before, during and after the run. I probably should have cancelled the run totally, but I've been slack and hadn't run at all since I got back from Canberra. Definitely "ran myself ugly" as I mentioned on Go Girls blog. Feeling much better now, but it really made me feel quite ill for a couple of hours. Oh, and the time was horribly slow.
PS. Work has started on our new house: earthworks have been done, pipes have been laid, steel delivered, and I wouldn't be surprised if the slab is poured before xmas

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