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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I am vexed! I'm sitting here almost in tears typing this. Where is the overwhelming public outcry over the race riots in Sydney? Where is the fierce condemnation of this behaviour on websites and blogs all around Australia. We should be damning the actions and the people involved.

John Howard came out and said there was no evidence that the new terror laws had contributed to the situation. If that's the case then he should have said that if these people had viewed them as an excuse to escalate racist actions then they have terribly misinterpreted the reasons for these laws.

He also stated that he didn't think that racism is a big problem in Australia. BULLSHIT!!! If 5000 are willing to overtly show their racism as on Sunday, how many more are sitting at home nodding their heads in approval: 10, 50, 100 times that many? How many more say nothing, but don't condemn the actions? The truth is, we have a huge racism problem in Australia and we are too scared to admit it. How many times over the last few days have we heard the racist mantra "I'm not racist, but...", or "I don't agree with what happened, but...". No buts. If you think that any racist behaviour is justified, then you are a bloody racist.

John Howard, Kim Beazley et al, the nation is crying out for leadership on this issue. How can we solve a problem when you won't admit that there is a problem?

Can anyone tell me if there are going to be any marches/protests in the capital cities against this behaviour? The silent majority must speak out on this issue before it escalates any further. We can't afford apathy.

The word un-Australian has been bandied about a lot over the last few days and has been used to justify and condemn all kinds of behaviour. Well, I for one condemn the events in Sydney as inhuman. The apparent complicity of the general public through their inaction is just as bad.


Tesso said...

I can't agree with you more Dave. The Sunday night news brought me to tears. Was this really happening here ... in Australia.

One of my workmates said to me "it had to happen sometime" to which I replied "CRAP!". It didn't have to happen.

Tamyka said...

I felt so unclean when I read about all this.

On the bus yesterday, I peeked between the seats in front and saw a guy reading those articles in the paper. I said, "It's disgusting. It makes me feel ashamed." He turned and said something that made me feel even worse... I can't remember his exact words, but it was effectively, "Thank you, it wasn't you."

It was such a beautiful acceptance on his part - accepting that, despite the fact that I may look the same as those in the riots, and I may have been born in the same country, their act is not representative of how we all feel.

Despite all the evidence in the media supporting the notion that all Australians are racist monsters, he would not lower himself to making the assumption that any individual was racist.

Ingrid said...

I would also like to participate in a peace protest.
I also find these events so sad and disgusting. The 13 year old with "we crew here, you flew here" written on his back kept me awake last night. I

R2B said...

Well said Dave i wish i had spoken out more instead of staying quiet and trying to avoid any ill will.

plu said...

Well said.

HAve a good xmas break.