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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Help!!! / Plugs


I was fiddling around with my blog setup yesterday and "borrowed" some html from Wobblyman to do a new mileage table, but now I seem to have pushed all the sidebar contents down to the bottom of the page. Can anyone have a look at my source code and see where I might have gone wrong?

Edit: Fixed now, thanks for jogging my memory Dave.


AGR, here are some pics of my plugs. Firstly the old "tunnels" and then my current plugs. This is as large as I plan to go.

PS. Didn't run yesterday because I ran out of time. Ran into uni today and the legs were still pretty sore from the race on Tuesday. Must have been the running on sand that did it.


Wobbly man said...

Hi Dave,

Can you send me an e-mail ( so I can send you my html for my blog?

Dave said...

Dave I would think that it is your table width that might be causing the problem. That or the weather plug in you have included is in the wrong spot, as it seems to be trying to fit in the sidebar as well.

Wobbly man said...

Looks good Dave!

Ewen said...

Looks OK now, except the weather chart is at the bottom (OK I guess).

Yes, basically if things are too wide anywhere (including photos) the RH column will drop to the bottom on many templates.

There is a closing comment tag which should be deleted - it looks like this:


A Girl Running said...

Can you cut and re-paste the weather stuff so it is just before this:

!-- End #sidebar --

(had to remove the script)

You have probably tried thatI'm not too helpful, I am normally the one asking template advice.

I love the current plugs, nice colour.