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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Slow start to 2006

Since I did my long run on Saturday, I thought I'd have a rest on New Year's day. Well I ended up having a rest on Monday and Tuesday as well. I did go for a couple of long walks on Sunday and Monday with RunCarly, Addi and the kids. So This morning was my first run for the year: 10 km into uni which I ran in a pretty good time (46:12) although I have just had three days rest.

I ended up reaching 2116 km for the year with my Saturday long run of 20-ish km pushing me over the 2100. Regarding the long run. I bought a new pair of Spalding running shorts last week from Target and made the huge mistake of testing them out on my long run. I'm not sure if it was the shorts or the extremely hot weather, but I ended up with very bad chafing. It made me walk bowlegged for the next 24 hours - quite appropriate given that we went to a cowboy themed new years eve party. I'll have to see if they are any better at shorter distances or better weather conditions

RunCarly has started back with WW after missing a month or so. Her loss hasn't been much yet, but she is putting in some good miles walking and running and I have to say that she is starting to look a lot fitter (and hotter!!). Must be the increased muscle tone replacing the loss in bodyfat.

I have a question from any of the runners out there. RunCarly wears out her shoes almost exclusively on the ball of her foot. She currently has Brooks Radius, which she finds quite comfortable, but she has almost worn through to the sockliner while the heal is still pristine! Does anyone know of a neutral running shoe that has a very durable forefoot? My mizuno mustangs have a reasonably durable forefoot, but I was thinking maybe something like the Brooks Adrenalin ASRs (actually stability trail running shoes) because of their more solid soles. Any ideas?

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A Girl Running said...

Time for some blodyglide? Hope the chafing is better - ouch!

I can't help with the shoes but I hope that RunCarly reads your blog...what a nice thing to say...I am going to go and ask my husband why he never calls me a hottie!

2116km for the year is brilliant!