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Friday, January 27, 2006

Oz day fun run

Finished 5th male, 6th overall. Got beaten by the same girl that has beaten me in several other shorter events (she must be getting sick of me "pacing" her by now!). Time 29:49. I was quite happy with this performance given that I still had a little bit of sinus trouble and the temperature during the race was 31-33C. The event was well organised - almost too well organised for the size of the field, ie. marshalls at almost any slight deviation in the course.

Ran the hardest I've run for quite some time. First lap was 14:20 and second was 15:27 but my average HR was 175 in the first lap and 187(!!!) in the second, so I think the heat might have been getting to me in the latter half. I definitely felt overheated by the end, and needed some ice on the noggin to cool down, but recovered fine. Feeling a little sore but not too bad today. May run home as a recovery run.

The pace for this race was a little slower than my PB from last year's Glenelg Classic 10km, so I still have a bit of work to do if I want to get that PB under 36 min (plus pray for a cooler morning for the race).

Re: Red shoes. If I had enough money, I would love to get a pair of these asics flats.


go girl said...

Hey, well done Dave!!!! In those conditions as well.

Do you like these shoes just becauase they are red??? They are pretty cool looking shoes though.

Phil said...

Well done Dave! Are you planning to particaipate in the SARRC Twighlight series Tuesday nights?

Sekhmet said...

How cool are the new asics??? I really wanted the red kayano's but it turns out they are the boys ones :( If I want girly shoes they are a soppy pastel blue colour :(

Congratulations on a great result!

CJ said...

Cool shoes - mine are red and white whereas those are definitely red and obviously fast!

As for the cleaning out of the wound on my knee, I don't think I'll be following Zabel's example - those guys are more machine than human aren't they?!

And good run - its really hard to run fast in the heat. No wonder your heart rate was elevated!

Susan said...

Good job Dave - 5th is awesome! Those asics are sooo coool!

Tesso said...

Congrats on the great Aus Day run Dave. Wow, fifth male and sixth overall! But hey, no letting any girls beat you next time ;-)