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Sunday, January 22, 2006


42 - 33 - 41. Yesterday's max, last night's min and today's forecast max (already reached 40), combined with this lingering head-cold, has made running this weekend out of the question. Mybe the break will mean I'll be nice and fresh for the Oz day fun run.

Here's a photo I told Tesso I'd put up. This guy in my office really loves V.


Tesso said...

OMG - all that V!!!! He must be totally wired the whole time! Thanks for putting up the pic. You'll have to post more as the pile gets higher and higher :-)

Man, those temps are crazy. We rarely cop it like that up here in the Sunshine State, and when we do the minimum is friendy enough that you can run.

Hope you can get rid of that cold before the fun run.

RunDave said...

Oh, he has heaps more than that and he throws quite a few away, but he's run out of room on that shelf. He doesn't drink coffee though. I reckon I would probably consume a lot more caffeine than he does (3-5 coffees/day and an energy drink every 3-4 days).

A Girl Running said...

Wow, I just looked at the weather thingie in your blog...only 28 tomorrow....that is so brilliant.

I thought it was in the high 30's and around 29 overnight tonight??

It smells very strong of smoke out here and looks a bit smoky outside...very scary

hope your feeling better soon.

I used to love V..not that much though...I presume he doesn't drink coffee?

A Girl Running said...

oops just read that you wrote that he doesn't drink coffee...dur!

A Girl Running said...

RYN: oh thank you, I was about to pack up the family and all our belongings ;) It must be a very big fire, I hope it will be okay.

Okay...I will stop messaging now!