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Friday, January 13, 2006

Hidden 20 km

Found out today from the Gmap Pedometer that my run from home to uni is really 10.5 km rather than the 10 km that I thought. I've run this route approximately 40 times since we moved, so that equals 20 extra kilometers that I have run in the last year. I ran a 5km tempo run this morning from home to half way in (21:36) and then a slow run the rest of the way (25:38). Discovered that my "halfway" point is really 5.3 km so my tempo run was nearly at 4 min/km.

Hopefully tomorrow morning I can do some 400m repeats.

I'm working on a 4 things about me list that I hope to publish in the next few days.


Tesso said...

What a scoop, running all those extra kms and not even knowing about it. Nice pace for the 5(.3)k tempo run!

Looking forward to that list :-)

Susan said...

Great tempo - enjoy the 400s (is that possible?)

Linda said...

Its always pleasant to find that you have done more than you originally thought. I was excited the other night cause the pedometer said 7 miles but then I found out it was only 5. Oh well, 5 is still good for me.
To answer your question, yes, Adelaide is why I like Haigh's. I have a friend that moved there from here and I went to visit her in October. Beautiful place even if it is a sleepy. I would have to live in one of the bigger cities though especially since the only time Adelaide gets bands is for Big Day Out.

A Girl Running said...

How exciting to realise your running further than you thought! Wish that could happen to me

Looking forward to the list