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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

4 things about me

This seems to be a work in progress, I keep remembering things and making changes. Sorry Blogliners.

Four Jobs You've Had in Your Life:

  1. Student
  2. Wine shop assistant
  3. Fisheries biologist
  4. Student

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

  1. Any of star wars episodes 4-6
  2. Happy Gilmore
  3. The Deer Hunter
  4. Forest Gump

Four Places You've Lived:

  1. Brukunga (see if you can find it)
  2. Mt Barker SA
  3. Glenunga
  4. Ascot Park

TV Shows You Love to Watch:

  1. Enough Rope
  2. Little Britain
  3. Kath and Kim
  4. We can be heroes

Four Places You've Been on Vacation:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Sydney
  3. Canberra
  4. Normanville

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

  1. Coolrunning
  2. SARRC
  3. Weatherzone
  4. Google

Four of Your Favorite Foods:

  1. Cibo Gelati
  2. Stinky cheese (stilton, blue vein, shropshire, blue brie etc)
  3. Pizza
  4. Asparagus

Places You'd Rather Be:

  1. Running in the hills
  2. Running on the beach
  3. Normanville
  4. Barossa Valley (drinking wine)

Four Albums You Can't Live Without:

  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Best of (just for "the ship song")
  2. Daft Punk - Discovery
  3. George - Polyserena
  4. The Magnetic Fields - 69 love songs

Four Random Things About You:

  1. I have odd hair growth: Eg, hairy legs but bare chest and back; I grow a beard and all I get is a goatee, no cheek hair.
  2. I'm vegetarian.
  3. I'm a skeptic.
  4. I like red shoes.

Here are my current ones.


A Girl Running said...

I so love reading these things.

I love my Polyserena CD

LOL what's with the red shoes?
Are you a closet wizard of oz fan! ;)

RunDave said...

Not sure why I like red shoes, but I do. It's a fairly recent thing - last two years or so - and I am on my second pair of shoes: red leather Converse Mark LE sneakers. I've added a picture of them. I've cut the velcro straps off becasue the velcro lost it's grip.

go girl said...

Nice shoes Dave!!!!

A Girl Running said...

I just checked out the shoes - wow, they are brillaint!

Good luck in todays race :) Hope your feeling better and run well

Susan said...

We have the red shoe thing in common . . . mine are heels though! : )

CJ said...

I also love red shoes and when the stupid photo blogger thingo is owrking I'll post a photo of my fave red shoes..and they aint running shoes! In fact, Susan could probably relate to them!

Tesso said...

These things are always fun ... when they are about other people :-)

By the way I only just discovered The Magnetic Fields recently - luv 'em!