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Friday, May 19, 2006

Fold or Scrunch: the case for folding

This age-old debate has been rekindled thanks to a new advertising campaign from Sorbent. I am a folder. My reason, other than one of familial habit, is one of structural integrity.
Given the same length of paper (although scrunchers seem to use more) there is a predictable and reliable amount of paper between you and disaster. Sure, scrunching may potentially put a thicker wad over your fingers, but, being a randomly formed structure, there is a distinct chance that you may poke through a gap. That's a chance that I'm not willing to take. Folding has the added benefit of the wipe/fold/wipe combination - I can't see how you could do that with scrunching. The only downside I can see is that it may take longer to fold, but I think this is a small price to pay for increased hygeine and may be obviated by a decreased handwashing time in the event of 'exposure' as a result of unlucky scrunching.
I'm happy to debate any valid argument against folding. Despite the fact that I will never change, I may come to accept scrunching as a valid if not flawed method.


Ellie80 said...

i like to mix it up - but perhaps i am an anomaly? :) good topic!

Tesso said...


PS Good news in your last post!

A Girl Running said...

I never knew that there was such a thing as a folder until I saw the recent ad.

Hope your still feeling injury free - it was a bit daft (reading from your last post) but obviously a not so bad move for you

Wobbly man said...

Yep, same as you and using the same logic. I also use the exact same number of sheets each time! Who said I was obsessive compulsive?

Sekhmet said...

Oh man, what a post! I have been simultaneously laughing and cringing while I read it!

For the record, folder as I am a compulsive obsessive has to be folded REALLY neatly too otherwise it's all just wrong!

I also have an obsession with making sure the roll is facing the correct way on the dispeser - to the point where if I go to someone else's house I will take it off and turn it around!

Tammy said...

Ok, after reading the post, I thought you were talking about your handkerchief, but I see after reading the comments we are talking about toilet paper. You crazy Aussies...


Splice said...

LOL to your post!!
But im with Beki on this one.

Beakus said...

Oh my god, brilliant post! Crying with laughter... for the record, I fold... scientist therefore know about those nasty bugs, plus, as you say, don't want to risk that "poke through a gap" scenario.

Also like Beki, have to have loo roll round the right way..

Thanks for the laugh :oD

plu said...
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plu said...

HI Run Dave,

Thanks foryour comment on my blog re the peaks in the HR. In the past I have had a congestion feeling in the chest while on runs when I run hard. Actually at the race I did yesterday a few times.

For piece of mind I decided to see a Dr and went to the cardio for a test and all was right. Now I can see with the HRM that the congestion is associated with peaking HRs.

I guess the HR can come down and it takes a while for it to register on the monitor.

Either way I did feel when the HR was high that I was working abit more. It through the crowds at the Quay and heading to HUnter Street Hill.

Cheers Plu