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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jogger's World Damaged in building Explosion

Adelaide's only specialist running store has been damaged by a serious explosion in the basement of the building in which it is located. The whole building is closed and will likely be demolished. There are also fears for a cafe owner who may have been in the building at the time of the accident (3am).

Here are a few articles from the internet:

Last Update: Tuesday, May 2, 2006. 10:44am (AEST)

Fears for man missing after Adelaide blast

Adelaide police hold grave concerns for a man who they have been unable to account for after an explosion at a building in the city.
The blast happened just after 3:00am ACST in what is believed to have been the basement of a building on Pirie Street.
The cause of the blast is not yet known.
Fire investigators will attempt to enter the destroyed building to search for a business owner and Superintendent Paul Schramm says there are concerns the man could be injured.
"We have not been able to obviously make contact with this person," he said.
"His business is extensively damaged.
"We do hold concerns but let's not speculate. We will get that information to the relatives as soon as we can."
Former Adelaide Crows player Tom Warhurst says his sporting goods store was damaged by the blast.
"The force of the explosion's come out the front but because of the movement in the building it looks like the two storey back wall has collapsed at the back of the building," he said.
"The building's not in good shape, so I have spoken to the owner of the building who is also in construction and he says that it would be bowled over, it'll be condemned."
Rory O'Neill from a nearby wine business says his shop was also hit by the explosion.
He says a cleaner saw the blast.
"She got quite a shock. There was quite a ball of flame that came out of the building at the time of the explosion," he said.
"She actually witnessed [the blast] so she's been treated for shock I think and been taken to hospital."
Business owner Ben Barletta says his wine bar was damaged but says it is lucky no one was there at the time.
"Not knowing how these things are and that's why they call these things accidents," he said.
"Thankfully it wasn't a crowded day or we were in the building itself at the time, or a late night function, or anything like that so in as much as you can say it was opportune."


POLICE hold fears for the safety of an Adelaide man missing after an early morning explosion in a central city building.Investigators are trying to enter the building in Pirie Street after an explosion severely damaged the premises about 3am today.
Police said there were concerns for the owner of a cafe, one of three businesses in the building.
Officers were unable to contact him and his car had been found parked behind the building, Superintendent Paul Schramm told reporters.
"So we can't completely rule out the fact that there may be an injured person in the building," Supt Schramm said.
"We don't want to speculate further on that.
"We have been in contact with the relatives. Obviously they are extremely concerned.
"As soon as we can safely enter the building and confirm whether or not anyone is injured, we will do so and notify the relatives.
"We are doing our very best to get in as soon as we can, safely."
The blast blew out the front and rear sections of the building and caused a major section of wall to collapse.
It also showered debris across the street and damaged a second building.
The explosion appeared to have been sparked in the basement of the building which housed a retail wine outlet, a cafe and a sports store on the first floor.
There has been some speculation gas may have triggered the explosion.
Supt Schramm said the situation could have been much worse had the blast happened later in the day in the usually busy retail and business section of the city.
"If it had happened other than in the early hours of this morning, clearly there would have been significant injuries," he said.
Supt Schramm said the front facade of 121 Pirie Street was extremely dangerous and would likely have to be brought down later today.
An area around the building has been declared a danger zone, limiting public access.

PS. A guilty secret. I don't buy my shoes from Joggers World, I get them at Athletes Foot because we have a family discount card there. I do buy my other running gear there though. After I redeem my reward discount next time, I might start getting my shoes at Jogger's World - if they have reopened yet!

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A Girl Running said...

OMG the pictures are horrendous. Thanks for the update RunDave....I think I am still in shock and hope they find the cafe owner