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Saturday, May 06, 2006

I ran today...

for 10 minutes. And it was over all too soon. I set out walking for 5 minutes then ran for 10 minutes and then walked home. I was supposed to run at an easy pace, but I think I ran way too fast. I was so happy to be running again and I looked at my HR, 145, ok I'd better not push it too much harder. Two minutes later, 155, ok slow down now. Then a moment later, 167, what am I doing, racing or something? So I was a bit keen and my fitness has decreased a lot, but the good news is that my achilles feels fine. I followed with some ice massage and a little later some more massage with Brauer arnica cream. During the run my hip felt a bit stiff and sore still, so I must remember to stretch this area and my back/abdominals.

The delay in running was due to the fact that I didn't get my new blank orthotics until Thursday afternoon and then I didn't get the opportunity to adjust them until today. The orthotics felt fine, so I think I've got them right, although I won't really know until I've used them on a longer run.

Anyway, I'm a pretty happy camper at the moment. Next run will be another "easy" 10 minutes Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, feel free to harrass me about doing my icing, massage, eccentric exercises and stretching.


Luckylegs said...

RunDave, I wanted to reply to your comment here about old cemeteries! I'm exactly the same as you & can spend hours reading the old headstones & wondering what sort of people they were & the kind of lives they'd lived, etc.

When we lived in Sydney we were very close to the vast, old Waverley Cemetery - still used - & I used wander through there regularly reading the headstones...many famous Australians, poets, sportsmen, church leaders etc. As you also said, I was amazed at first & always saddened to see how many babies & whole families of children & young people in their 20's & 30's all of whom had died during the 1918-1919 'flu pandemic. The number of deaths in Sydney alone was around 3,500 which would equate to about 1.5 million people now! I wonder if our present medical system would be able to handle that!

Oh, and don't forget to do your icing, massage, eccentric exercises & stretching!

go girl said...

Yay, yay, yay....Dave ran today!!

Take it easy Dave. I'm glad that the achilles is fine and keep up the stretching, it all helps.

Tesso said...

Great news about the run Dave. I'm hoping to do the same tomorrow.

PS Don't forget the icing, massage, eccentric exercises and stretching.

Ewen said...

Good news Dave. :) PS the above!