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Monday, May 22, 2006

Fold or Scrunch: part 2

Following the response to my previous post, I think this might be worthy of a poll on CR and Ausrun. I have a theory that the incidence of folders vs scrunchers might be higher in the running/fitness community. The ratio on Rove Live last week was about 60:40, but that sample may have been biased by members of the running/fitness community being in the audience, so it wouldn't have reflected the views of the rest of society. My theory is that runners/gym junkies are more obsessive-compulsive or at least strive more towards order and organisation in their lives than the average in our society.

I think three questions need to be posed:

1. Folder or scruncher
2. Toilet roll facing inwards or outwards
3. Seat down or up

Any other pertinent questions?

Am I sounding slightly obsessed with this topic (You don't need to answer this)?
Would I get "Folder" tattooed on my bum for $20,000? Hell yeah, it's $20,000 people!


Sekhmet said...

Not sure if it counts as facing inwards or outwards? The flappy bit has to be the bit closest to hand, otherwise it's just all wrong!!!! I just can't cope if I find that I am having to reach around behind it to get to the paper :(

Phil said...

Perhaps a more accurate way of asking that question is does the paper come over or from under te bar?

I am betting more people make it over!

Sekhmet said...

Yep, that's what I meant - and yep, it has to be over!

Susan said...

Down with the seat. Folded and scrunched please!

Tesso said...

What about lid down or up after you've finished? Personally I like them left up cos it means I don't have to touch it with my hands.

miners said...

Very important topics

1. Folder;
2. Rolling outwards - and I deliberately correct any toilet rolls I see differently at friend's bathrooms;
3. 4 males in the miner household .v. 1 female ... so seat up.

Do I have to get any of this tattooed?