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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quick update and poll announcement

Went for a 27 minute run today and also ran on Monday (27 minutes) and Wednesday (16 minutes). On Monday I also did a circuit on some equipment out on the uni-loop eg. chinups, pushups, crunches, dips etc. My arms and abs are still sore from that especially my triceps from the pitiful 5 then 3 chinups that I did.

The leg is feeling OK, not 100%, but getting better and I have been testing it out a bit more than I'm supposed to. Going to see the physio tomorrow. Apologies to the tracktimes guys for not getting out this morning, I slept in.

The Folder/scruncher poll is up on Coolrunning. Go forth and vote people. I'm preparing myself for much ridicule over this poll, but I think it should be fun.


Tesso said...

I hope nobody gives you too much sh*t about that toilet poll ;-)

Phil said...

Track time absence noted! Very glad to hear of the leg improvement though. That poll reminds me of the amount of sh*t we used to talk out on the 100km training runs!

steven trevaskis said...

I am surprised Kevin has left it there so long. His censorship is normally tough.