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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm out

The news is not so good. After my last run on Tuesday, I came up sore in the calf the next day and the achilles is sore too. It's not as bad as before, but it isn't good, and it comes from just a handfull of 10-15 minute runs. The achilles is still sore now. I've stopped running and I've done a bit of ice-massage. I'm going to see my physio next Friday to see what he can do and to get his opinion on my next move.

I'm thinking of taking off as long as it needs to heal by itself without treatment. I'll just do the eccentric exercises and other strength work as well as some bike work and then maybe get a checkup after a month to get clearance to start running again. I don't think I could lose anymore fitness than I already have and I haven't put on any weight either, so I should be able to stay healthy. This will rule out any racing for most of this year, but I've got a thesis to write, so the extra time may help in that area. So, what do you think? Sound like a good plan?

As you can imagine, I'm pretty down about this. A fairly simple injury has managed to wipeout an entire season of racing, not to mention the fact that I can't even run just for the hell of it anymore. There might not be much on this blog about running for a while, but feel free to drop in to hear about the house or lexicology or sculptures or any other shit I feel like spinning.

PS. Tesso. My name doesn't have many anagrams. Onlt two: CARD SHARD VIM and CARD DRAM SHIV. And they don't make any sense.

PPS. But Tesso, your name comes up with some corkers and thousands of anagrams. Anyone for some SATAN HAIR BEEF?


A Girl Running said...

oh sorry to hear this Dave :(

As you know I can totally relate to the frustration.

Using the time to concentrate on your thesis is a brilliant idea...I don't have anything that important to concentrate on so my goal is to do a certain yoga pose I can't master and build some Madonna Biceps.

Tesso said...

Oh what a bummer Dave :-( I know how you are feeling, being injured sucks. Especially when you do all the right things and it doesn't seem to help. I like your attitude though, sounds like you've found some positives to it.

And I'm so glad you are gonna keep blogging. Your 'shit' is often more interesting than other people's running stories :-)

PS Mmmmm, Satan Hair Beef.