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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Things people have searched and found me

runner massage blog
Joggers World explosion
what to eat before 10 km run
channel 9 suck adelaide crows (too true)
sa hockey (surprised this one came up)
"pull my finger" 1800s (odd)

All pretty benign. Why can't I get juicy RunnerSusan type search referrals? You know, like "porno massage babe" and other funny stuff that gets linked inexplicably to her blog. Maybe I need to put more random and off topic phrases in my blog.

Simpsons dominatrix strategic MTV. See how that goes.

Edit: Failed. Maybe I don't get how this works?


go girl said...

You need to use the words in your title. Not really sure why you would like to attract that type of reader or spammer.

Oh, ok I get it now..

Nice house btw.

RunDave said...

Yeah but most of those words weren't in the title.

It's really an academic exercise to see how certain words get you more traffic and attract a diverse range of bloggers. I don't get flamed or spammed yet, so it hasn't worried me much.

speedygeoff said...

Well spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska! (A Red Dwarf quote from Kryten). I don't really know, it's all suck it and see, but I am not sure it's just the title... do you need to give search engines a few hours or days to find your newest posts? In my experience comments are scanned and included too, so if something unique is in a comment it might help someone reach you.

plu said...

Yeh I have looked at the same thing. Quite interesting.


Wobbly man said...

Bananas are $12 a kilo over here! I'm just say'n....

Susan said...

Hee. I've been good lately - had to by default - the stalkers are getting out of control ;)

"suck adelaide crows" - that's funny (and very odd)

Sekhmet said...

lol - I love going back to the referrals and seeing where my blog has come up....Also interesting to find actuial links to your blog on other blogs you've never been to or heard of (I guess there are lots of lurkers out there?)

R2B said...

Hmmm i typed dean karnazes at the bottom of one of my posts to check out the effect and it was instantly searchable so perhaps its an automatic process?

Tesso said...

Here's another one for you Mr Word Man

Put your name in and see what it comes up with. One of mine is Sahara Benefit :-)