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Monday, May 01, 2006

Itchy feet

This no-running caper is really starting to get to me. I just want to go for a run. I ran to get over some traffic lights the other day and I felt fine. Surely I can start now. No I'd better wait. A measly 38.5 km for this month. I suppose there is no option but to take it easy, but it is so frustrating. Bring on Thursday. Fingers crossed that I'll be allowed to run then.


Phil said...

What is better; running a little bit now, and keep the injury problems and restricted duties indefinitely, or wait a bit extra, and be back for the LONG RUN(pun intended!)?
We will all still be hear ready to greet/run/blog with you.
DISIPLINE is your strength, use it.

R2B said...

Ditto to what Phil said.
I have been waiting patiently (read fretting) for 5 weeks today.It is hard but i has to be that way.

Patience Dave!

Cheers R2B

Lulu said...

I have been getting back to running after getting tendonitis in my knee. Then I developed itb and achilles problems so I can understand your frustration.

Building up slowly is really important though. I followed a 6 week return to running programme and then did a few more weeks of just building up my base before I started doing any speed work.

I also found doing lots of water running helped me maintain a reasonable amount of fitness.

Good luck with it.