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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Injury update

The good news is that my physio thinks that I can start running again, the bad news is that I'll have to wait until Friday to do so. He doesn't want me running in my old orthotics because they have broken down somewhat. He is bringing me some new Orthotics tomorrow which I'll have to take home and adjust for my feet. So it will have to be friday morning. He has set me a program for the next three weeks, after which I'll go back and see him again. It was to be two weeks, but he will be away with the SA hockey team in the second week.

So here's the program:
Week 1 - 3x 10min light run
Week 2 - 3x 15min light run
Week 3 - 2x 10min light run alternating with 3x 15min light run

- ice massage after each run
-eccentric exercises each day 12 reps single leg/12 reps double leg
-massage soleus muscle each day


Tesso said...

Fantastic news Dave! 10 minutes doesn't sound like much but its way better than zero minutes.

Good luck!

Sekhmet said...

Great news that you can back on your feet again RD! Looking forward to reading about it all ;)

A Girl Running said...

Great news. Enjoy your slow but necessary comeback

Ewen said...

Good luck with the program Dave. Keep the red shoes clean ;-)